JLB 1000

The asphalt mixing plants are designed in modular structure, featuring easy installation and transportation. The filter system adopts inertial separation and reverse atmospheric air filter, which ensures low emission. With 6 decks of vibration screening technology, the aggregate gradation is more accurate. Side - installed or underneath - type finished - product storage bins are optional.

The asphalt mixing plant can be used for the construction maintenance and repair of asphalt concrete pavement

Key Figures:

Model JLB1000
Theotrical productivity (t/h) 80
Mixer Capacity 1000
Power (kW) 2 x 15
Weighing hopper capacity Stone aggregate (kg) 1000
Powder (kg) 150
Asphalt (kg) 120
Accuracy Aggregate (kg) ±0.5%
Powder (kg) ±0.5%
Asphalt (kg) ±0.2%
Temperature control curacy ≤±5
Dust collection efficiency (mg/Nm3) ≤5
Installed Capacity (kW) 240

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