MSC8500M-2D I 3D

RM MSC Screens produce up to 5 particle sizes and give you added values as a result. The unique high power screenbox design is the optimum in screenbox dynamics. The screening quality it achieves while maintaining high capacities gives you the necessary edge in the market.

Thanks to its wide range of uses, e.g. in asphalt crushing, gravel, sand and C&D watse, the RM MSC series opens up numerous application opportunities for you so you can screen your natural or crushed material according to customer requirements and increase revenue.

Key Figures:

  MSC8500M-2D 3D
Screenbox, screen surface 5,485 x 1,525 mm
Screenbox angle 20° - 30°
Feedhopper, volume 9.2 m³
Feeder belt width 1,050 mm
Main conveyor belt width 1,050 mm
Fines material discharge conveyor width 1,200 mm
Fines material discharge belt discharge height 4,623 mm 4,500 mm
Side discharge belts / belt width 800 mm 800 mm/750 mm
Side discharge belts discharge height 5,093 mm 4,450 mm
Transport dimensions
17,800 x 3,000
x 3,400 mm
17,800 x 3,000
x 3,500 mm
Weight, basic machine 32,000 kg 35,000 kg


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