The mesh deck screen makes the mobile crushers even more efficient. The crushed material is screened to the desired end aggregate size in a single pass. Including precise sorting accuracy. The MS is available for the RM 90GO! and the RM 100GO!. Both sizes are mounted easily and quickly on the respective crusher with the help of a frame. It is then possible to transport it directly with the RM crusher.

The folding refeeding belt is also integrated into the MS. With this it is possible to set up a closed circuit and produced screened final grain in a single pass. If screened oversize grain is also required, the folding refeeding belt can be used to create a separate stockpile to the side. Throughput remains constantly high in the process – even in small fractions.

Key Figures:

general information RM MS105GO!
Output Up to 200 t/h depending on material
Feed material size Edge length max. 70 mm
Screening range 0/4 to 0/70 mm
Weight without refeeding belt 3.5 t
Weight with refeeding belt 4.6 t
Transport system/type With/without machine
Deck data 1 deck split
Discharge height 2,760 mm
Oversize belt width 500 mm
Fines belt width 1,200 mm
Mesh tensioning Length tensioned
Screen length 2 x 1,520 mm
Screen width 1,300 mm
Screen media Mesh
Mounted on crusher
Working position length 14,590 mm
Working position width 2,900 mm
Working position height 4,160 mm
Transport length 14,590 mm
Transport width 2,810 mm
Transport height 3,155 mm
Without Machine
Transport length MS + RFB 6,000 mm
Transport width MS + RFB 2,810 mm
Transport width MS 2,500 mm
Transport height MS + RFB 1,900 mm


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